Hebei Haihe Special Cable Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, our company specializes in producing power cables, radiation cross-linked wire and cable, flame-retardant wire and cable, fire-resistant wire and cable, low-smoke and halogen-free wire and cable, control cables, shielded cables, Frequency conversion cable, computer cable, rubber cable, construction elevator special cable, elevator cable, steel wire cable, hanging blue wire, tower crane cable, special crane cable, electric welder cord, five-core cable, flat cable, driving special cable, Special cables such as silicone rubber cable and Dingqing flat cable. The registered capital of the enterprise is Luyi Luyi million yuan, and the factory covers an area of ​​30 mu. Equipped with dedicated production equipment, laboratories, plants and warehouses.
Product standards are implemented in accordance with national standards GB-T12706.1-2008 and GB/T9330.2-2008. The quality assurance system is perfect, the company is equipped with full-time inspectors, and has a complete product quality testing system. Our company has always been "providing perfect products and services for customers at reasonable prices, providing employees with more superior job opportunities, creating a broader development space for enterprises, creating more benefits for the society" as its mission, with a conscience The starting point is to create the social image of Haihe people with standards and responsibilities. Establish the values ​​of "safe, stable quality, and effective", and have a "complete, fast, and excellent service marketing network". The products are widely used in electric power, steel, telecommunications, petrochemical, metallurgy, construction and other industries, and are trusted by customers. , greatly improved the company's visibility.
The cable production process used is mainly: conductor stranding - extrusion insulation - cabling, mounting - extrusion jacket. Each production line organizes production in strict accordance with international standards and national standards. Our company always adheres to the quality concept of “quality is life”, carries forward the development concept of “excellence, never ending” and adheres to the concept of “quality is character, is conscience”. . The company's product quality has always been at the forefront of the same industry in the country, and dare to compare quality with any domestic manufacturer.